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Treasures of Egypt

Treasures of Egypt is the first  in a proposed series of quilts depicting countries of interest to the artist.  Look forward to a coming exhibition of around ten quilts including India, Africa and others.

Reflections of Love

Quilt #2 in series.  Depicting the most iconic building in India displayed in all its glory including the magnificent decorations on the exterior of the building.


Clouded Leopards (2019)

Quilt #3 in series.  Depicting a pair of Clouded Leopards and kitten set in a jungle setting and framed with lush leaves and orchids.


AQC Entry Quilts

Cathedral Ceilings (2020)

Cathedral Ceiling 1.JPG
Cathedral Ceiling 2.JPG
Cathedral Ceiling 3.JPG

Quilt #4 in series.  Depicts incredible motifs satin stitch appliqued in place featuring hand painted flowers and embroidered flowers & motifs done with precise positioning methods.

SOLD - Part of Private Collection

Ten Dangerous Beauties (2014)

The Magic of a Kiss.Full.JPG

The Magic of a Kiss (2019)

Blue Willow becomes White Lace (2016)

Australia All Over (2017)


SOLD - Part of Private Collection

The Green Mobile (2020)

Working in a Series - Australian Influence - 6 Quilts (2015)

#1 - Wave Rock

#2 - Simpson Desert

#3 - White Haven Beach

#4 - Great Barrier Reef

#5 - Christmas Island

#6 - Rainforest

Colour & Composition - 8 Quilts (2015)

#1 - Colour Wheel 36 Colours

#2 - Composition

#3 - Still Life

#5 - Photo Value Study (Cropped)

#6 - Abstract Landscape

#7 - Similtaneous Contrast

#4 - Lost & Found Line

#8 - Abstracting a Photo

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